Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vista ranch

My parents owned this 10 acre ranch near Bonsall, CA (near Vista, which is near San Diego) for 10 years while I was growing up as a kid and teenager.  We never had horses on it.  They never bought me a horse.  It was an investment property for them, but, as I said, they did keep it for 10 years.  It was often our weekend getaway.  As a child, I used to wander all over the ranch and then later, after they sold it and kept the 2nd mortgage on it, I rode the horses of the folks who lived there.  I have many, many fond memories of this ranch and whenever we are near San Diego, I drive by it.  Yesterday the sky was gorgeous...lots of clouds and some blue sky.  Isn't it beautiful now?  It was pretty run down when my parents bought it and I remember my dad filling up his trailer with all kinds of trash and going to the dump MANY, MANY times.  The barn had an old tack room and I would go in there and just inhale all the delicious smells!  The barn smelled like hay, too.  I actually stopped there a couple of years ago, introduced myself, and the current owner took me on a tour.  WOW!  They have really updated it.  I'm glad to see the metal roof still there.  My dad put that on the barn because the old wooden roof had too many holes in it and was falling down.  I remember him having a rope around his middle as he sat on the top, pounding in those aluminum sheets.  Yes, there were rattlesnakes all around.  I never ran into one, but Dad would go out, find them, and shoot them (those were the please don't criticize...I didn't kill them)...He didn't want me to run into any of them and I never did, although while riding the family's horses later, I did hear one buzzing near the road a couple of times.  Good thing my horse didn't spook!

The Vista ranch in autumn

Hubby and I drove down to San Juan Capistrano for the night and, of course, I had to drive by the old Vista ranch.  It's a 10 acre ranch located actually near Bonsall, CA.  It's now updated and used as a horse riding and equestrian center (as you can tell from the photos).  Whenever we drive to San Diego, we ALWAYS drive by it and take photos.  My parents owned this ranch for 10 years, while I was a kid and teenager.  We never had horses there.  They never bought me a horse and I didn't rescue my first horse until I was 54 years young!   :-)  The sky was GORGEOUS yesterday, so I took several photos.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vista ranch and fences~Friday Fences~030212

Whenever we are in the area, I make a point to drive by the red barn of my childhood.  At least it was mine on the weekends.  My parents bought this ranch as an investment and we never had any horses there, but we did spend weekends camping out in the ranch house and I spent weekends exploring the two barns on the property.  The old white barn is long gone, but the beautiful red barn is still there, as magnificent as ever.  The new owners have done a lot to improve the property, including adding a mare motel and lots of training equipment.  I stopped by there one time and met the owner and she took me on a tour.  I never grow tired of seeing this ranch and my mother enjoying driving by it, too.  Friday Fences for March 2, 2012.  To visit Friday Fences, please amble over to:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red barn, Bonsall, CA~Barn Charm~022812

Hubby and I drove up the Old Mission Road in Bonsall, which is near Fallbrook, CA.  This is wonderful horse country.  This is the ranch my parents owned back in the 1960's and my father actually put the metal roof on it.  I'm glad to see the roof is still there and holding up well.  This is one of the most beautiful barns in Southern California (in my humble opinion)...It is big and roomy and I love the exterior!  Barn Charm for February 28, 2012.  To visit Barn Charm, go to this link:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Luxury barn, Western Sierras~Barn Charm~January 31, 2012

We found this beautifully kept barn on the road while up in the western Sierras last June.  I was going through my archived photos on hubby's laptop since this one is going kaput and I rarely have Internet access on it anymore.  I found a few barn photos that I'll be posting in the next few weeks, so this blog will be up and running again!  Barn Charm for January 31, 2012.  To visit Barn Charm, please follow this link:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Barb's barn~Barn Charm~102411

This beautiful WOOD barn belongs to my friend, Barb.  Barb lives in Pinyon, which is halfway between our home in the desert and the mountains where I board my horses.  She has 3 horses, a turkey, several goats, and 4 dogs (all from the streets near her school).  She also has 3 chickens and I'm absolutely in LOVE with one of them!  Hehehehe....Barb, I didn't STEAL your chicken!  I always have fun visiting her and her animals and she occasionally comes and helps me with Scout (who she is absolutely in LOVE with)...she wants to adopt her own mustang someday!  Anyway, she's been my friend now for over 15 years, ever since we both taught together many, many, many years ago!  I always enjoy stopping by her place on my way to the horses.  She and I can get into a LOT of trouble!  Barn Charm for October 24, 2011. Please go here for Barn Charm:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nevada barn~Barn Charm~101811

This barn, complete with hay in the loft, was found in Gardnerville, NV when hubby and I drove to the Sierra in September. I like its simplicity...a barn, some hay, and weeds...Barn Charm for October 18, 2011.