Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update re red ranch 022710~End of an era~Scenic Sunday 022810

In April of 2009, I posted my first post on this blog. It was about a red ranch house in my town, Palm Desert, CA. Now, for those of you who know Palm Desert, you know there aren't any ranches left. It is nearly wall-to-wall housing or hotels. So, I have kept my eye on this red ranch. Here's the link to that first post: So, you can imagine my horror when, as I drove by it today, I glanced over from the freeway and it was GONE! I got off the exit and drove up. It was lightly raining, the sky was dark, and it was a cold day. Our local mountains had disappeared behind the storm clouds. Very forboding. It was with a sinking heart that I drove up to the ranch. Yup. Gone. Neat piles of debris. One massive tree was lying on its side. Two others were still standing. I still remember the hawk that flew by me on one of my visits. I hope that the trees will remain, but I doubt it. The hawk will have to find a new territory. I posted some photos that I took of it in December of 2009, on one Saturday morning when the desert had a winter storm. The clouds parted and I caught the top photo, with the sunlight shining directly on the ranch house. This was and is one of my favorite photos. Two rainy days with two entirely different objects to photograph! I will miss this ranch. Scenic Sunday for February 28, 2010.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lone Pine ranch and barn~Scenic Sunday 022210

Hubby and I took a side road outside of Lone Pine last weekend and discovered a pasture full of mules and horses. And, beyond that pasture was this wonderful BARN! I haven't seen a barn this nice in quite a while! In fact, I haven't posted for quite a while...sigh...This was our first vacation since last August and I've pretty much exhausted the supply of barns near our home. Time to get out and explore! Scenic Sunday for February 22, 2010.