Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old shed windows, Bishop, CA~~Windows and Doors, Too! May 20, 2010

When we visit Bishop, CA, we like to take a side road which is outside of town. There are several ranches along this road and this old shed was on one of them. I love these old buildings, wherever they are. Windows and Doors, Too for May 20, 2010.


  1. Beautiful shot! love these old buildings too!

    My window view

  2. What a great idea, searching for old barns and out buildings in Vista, CA. Great photos on your post and your header! :)

  3. Good place in this l like it so ~!

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I haven't been on either of my blogs in a couple months; get so sidetracked. Anyway, I generally try to look up your blog since I have it in my favorites. This looks so much like a painting...just wonderful!! I really appreciate the fact you and your husband travel around and are able to provide such interesting and lovely photos of barns. Thank you, thank you. :) Hope all is well with you.