Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red barn near Red Mountain, AZ~ABC Wednesday 111710 and Barn Charm 121410

I stopped this RED barn near (of course...) Red Mountain. Red Mountain is near Flagstaff, AZ. I stopped, jumped out of the car, and took these photos. It was windy that day and cold! I wish I'd had the time to get a closer look, but maybe I can on our next trip! ABC Wednesday for November 17, 2010. I also just discovered "Barn Charm" and I've posted it there, too. To visit Barn Charm, please visit:


  1. how red-ily appropriate.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Cheryl, a beautiful barn with a perfect red road leading up to it!
    Helen Mac, ABC team
    P.S. see photos of Red Mountain at

  3. Fascinating barn. It almost looks like a barn frame put on to of a house foundation. Glad you jumped out to take the picture.

  4. For a second I thought I heard birds chirping. The wind is relentless outside and I was a little confused as to where the birds might be... Now I feel ridiculous. :)

    I like your red barn. Good idea for the letter "R."

  5. red barn, red muddy road, red mountain,
    they are all natural and beautiful.
    awesome r take.

  6. Wonderful find... looks like it was nice enough at one time to been a home rather than a barn! =)

    I'm so glad you joined... you have impeccable taste & truth is, if memory serves me correctly, I 1st thought of starting a barn meme when you mentioned starting this very blog!

    I love the angle/perspective of your header photo... beautiful structure! It's too nice to call it a barn...

    Thanks again!

  7. Such a neat find! It's got charm and character...all of those good things for barns.

  8. I realize this is an old post, but ! Awesome barn and Red Mountain is one of my favorite places ever to play! I can spend hours there. Everytime i'm in the area, I go there. LOVE IT!