Saturday, May 30, 2009

Snake! ~~ warning snake pics!

I posted this on one of my other blogs, but thought I would repeat it here since summer is coming and that means SNAKES! I have absolutely NO ADVICE for anyone! All I do is scream, "AAAaaaaahhhhhhh", jump up about 3 feet in the air, and then bend over to see if it is poisonous or not. Of the 5 snakes I've met so far, they have all been non-poisonous. You'd think by now I'd quit screaming, but I don't! Two of them were right by the water faucet at the horse ranch, 1 I nearly stepped on a couple of weeks ago, and another one was heading for a pile of boards at the ranch. The latest snake, a gopher snake, was this one. Hubby and I were looking at another ranch and he was inside the locked gate, stuck in the pool. He probably had been eating the frogs there, but he definitely wanted OUTTTTTTTT!!!!! He tried and tried to crawl up the side of the pool, but he just couldn't reach his head up far enough. I didn't wish to see him drown, so I asked hubby to "do SOMETHING!" He found a pool skimmer and skimmed the snake up and out! Isn't he a handsome fella? Anyway, once out, he headed for the rocks along the pool. (shudder)...WHY would anyone build a pool like this? Maybe they had cats to keep the snakes away? Anybody have a snake story to share?


  1. I wouldn't want to see a snake drown, either, but...I don't like any snake at all!!! I scream and cry when seeing them, which over the years has not been but maybe two.

  2. I wouldn't want to see a snake drown either, but...I don't like snakes at all!!!! I scream and cry whenever I see them, which over the years has only been about twice, thank goodness.