Monday, August 24, 2009

Barn near Bishop, CA~That's My World 082509

Hubby and I took a side road north of Bishop, CA and wandered parallel to Highway 395 for several miles. We traveled through some beautiful farm and farmland and then I spotted this old barn. I also included a photo of the Sierras that afternoon. Thunderheads were developing and storms were occurring off in the distance. I wish this were my world...but it's not. Instead, this is our "vacation world"! HA! That's My World for Tuesday, August 25, 2009.


  1. Lovely shots! Love the last one, you can almost smell the rain in the air!


  2. Hi Cheryl Ann, I think it's so cool that you get off of the beaten path. You really got some nice pictures.
    To answer you questions, We have not experienced a Pennsylvania winter yet.
    (yikes), and both of our cats are 13yrs old so they don't run around as much as they used to. :-) Thanks for the nice comment.

    Since you like barns you might like my My World post today on my Newtown Area Photo blog. It's a 305 yr old mill it's kind of like a stone barn. lol

  3. Stunning scenery, great post. We always love to get off the freeways and experience the rural areas rather than experiencing heavy traffic :)

  4. Your vacation world still counts, after all it is PART of your world. A lovely place.

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! We spent a couple of nights in Bishop two years ago and had a wonderful time. We attended church there on Sunday and the people treated us like family!!